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Gourmet Food with Any Recipes
Any Recipes, founded by 5 foodies who strongly believe in delicious food brings happiness, eliminates sorrow, brings the mind to satisfy!
Persistently in providing simple, convenient, easy-to-cook food cuisine products which are in line with modern people to pursue fast and convenient.*Make for outdoor activities, as it is very easy to cook!

Despite using healthier ingredients, all food packaging is food grade to ensure the food quality & safe for eat!
Customer Reviews

依照卖家的指示,尝试了3种不同的烹煮方式 烤箱 180度 烤20分钟,虽然没有漂亮的金黄色,但是不影响鸡肉的多汁嫩滑。 空气炸锅180度炸10分钟,每隔5分钟翻一次,完美保存鸡皮,而且用油量少,很健康 平底锅煎15分钟,色泽最美丽,但是就会比较油腻,而且刚解冻的鸡肉下锅不就就会出水,一定要准备锅盖,不然会被油弹到。 总的来说,无论哪一个煮法都好吃,因为腌制得够入味,鸡肉也很新鲜,非常juicy。

16 August 2021

This is my 2nd purchase. The chops arrived in a cold insulated bag. Chops are very tasty too! Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

16 August 2021
Zoeyi Mah

Got myself an easy lunch! Garlic flavor made my day, can’t wait to try the other 2 flavors! Recommend!

3 August 2021
Nic Cheong

Tried shrimp sauce chicken chop. great food with good price

27 July 2021

I tried black pepper and garlic♥ excellent quality

23 July 2021
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