1. Which chicken parts are used to make Anyrecipes chicken chops?​
We're using the most tender part which is chicken thigh.


2. Are the chicken chops raw or cooked?
The chicken chop is raw but rich in flavour due to we have use fresh ingredient to marinated.


3. Do the chicken chops come with sauce?
No sauce but the chicken chop is through marination so it's flavourful.


4. How to cook the chicken chops?
You may refer the following matter:
(I) Deforst and and cook it with pan seal
(II) Defost and cook it in air fryer
(III) Defost and baked in oven


5. How to get FREE DELIVERY?
We'll FREE DELIVERY if ordered 12 pcs and you can mix any flavour you're prefer.


6. How long does the delivery take?
It will take within 2 - 3 days.


7. Can I mix the flavour to order?


8. How long can the chicken chops keep?
You can keep the chicken chop in freezer. The quality can maintain for 3 months.


9. Did Anyrecipes chicken chops have put any preservative or MSG?